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RealEstateHelp is a platform for competing individual sales agents that want to showcase their qualifications, profile, sold properties, properties for sale, testimonials and any other relevant information required for property owners to view and consider before choosing their preferred sales agent.

This maximizes the Agents personal ranking and Google Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Why? Because this activity increases your digital footprint and optimises your organic SEO, helping Seller's find you!

Property owners can access Realestatehelp for free and only make contact with the agents of their personal choice.

The Sales Agents standard contact page is free and their will only be a minimal yearly fee of $200 to utilize the full realestatehelp agent profiler pages. The offeronline connection to properties for SALE is free for the first 3 months  or as agreed.

Agents that submit inaccurate or untrue qualifications, profiles, or SOLD property lists and seek to mislead consumers will be outed, prosecuted and exposed.




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